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  • Mood: Relief
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With the world over taken by the diseased flesh craving animals known as zombies and almost every child in the world either dead or ...dead, Jack didn't have to worry about making it snow anymore. He knew that the joy in the world was long gone and it wasn't coming back anytime soon. But, he wasn't just going to abandon the rest of the world like his guardian brethren did. He wasn't ready to. And besides, unlike all the other guardians, his home wasn't in a far away place. It was right smack in the midst of the chaos, in the Town of Burgess. So he chose to stay among the 'people' and take advantage of the zombies not being able to see him and save the people who could. 

3 months and 6 days, Jack's been on his own, looking for uninfected people who believe in him to save. 

The winter spirit was walking through the old park, past all the abandoned bikes, scooters, and various toys left in the sand, which were now covered in dried up blood splatters. The sight of them made him sad. But alas, he didn't have time to cry. He shuffled through his old memories he had in the park when a sudden scream came from the distance. Looking up, Jack glanced in the direction the shriek came from and lifted himself off the ground and rode the silent wind. Another scream. He finally spotted something. Jagged teeth, crusty dried up face, and sharp nails. A regular blood sucker. The teen ripped his old staff from the strap on his back and pointed it in front of him, shooting out a wave of ice towards the shitfaced zombie. The blast pushed it back and onto it's head, breaking it's skull. "Come on, Kid." he held out his blood coated icy hand to the frightened brunette victim, who took it quickly but timidly. Jack pulled the boy up to his feet and wrapped an arm around his waist, taking off, back to his 'hide out'. 

Once they slipped inside and Jack dusted a few things off, he set the teen down onto a ripped up chair he stole a while back. "What's your name, kid?" Jack asked, looking through boxes of food and water. The boy gulped, his emerald eyes darting around nervously, "h-Hiccup..." he sputtered. "Hiccup, huh? Well, I'm Jack. Jack Frost." Hiccup's mouth dropped open when he heard his rescuers name. "You're THE Jack Frost?" he asked, his eyes locking onto the older boy. Jack nodded, taking out a warm water bottle, "You bet. The one and only." smirking, he tossed Hiccup the water. He caught it in his lap and took a quick swig, before snorting lightly, "What are you doing out here? Shouldn't you be like...making it snow or something?" Hiccup giggled a little. 

"Ha ha." he laughed sarcastically, "That's not my deal anymore, Hic. No need for snow when people, like yourself, are dying every 5 seconds." Jack rummaged around more in the boxes. "Oh...well speaking of that...thanks for saving me." the brunette's freckled cheeks sprouted into a light pink color as he looked down and fiddled with the bottle cap. Jack smirked and opened up a can of fruit and grabbed a plastic spoon, "No problem. Least I could do for someone who actually sees me." the spirit sat next to Hiccup and handed him the can, which he took shyly and started to eat. "So you should stay here with me for a while. From what I saw, I think you might need my help." Hiccup blushed while he chewed up the fruit and swallowed, "Well, I was doing fine until that one zombie came at me... I can handle all the other ones! Just not the god damn blood suckers!" chuckling, the older boy hushed him by pressing a slender finger to his lips, "It's fine, Hic. Everyone has trouble with them." even Jack blushed a bit.

It felt good to finally have someone with him. Even if they had just met, Jack felt kind with him. And Hiccup felt that times a thousand. The two of them ate and talked about different ways they've killed different zombies until they fell asleep. It had seemed impossible before. But, Jack knew he had made a friend in the new joyless world they lived in.


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